Certified Pre-Owned Ford and Chevy Models For Sale in Milwaukee

When you set out for your next car, an early decision to make is choosing between new or used. But there's another way to go here at our Milwaukee, WI Ford and Chevy and used car dealership. With our selection of certified pre-owned Ford and Chevy models that we have for sale, shoppers visiting from New Berlin or Waukesha, WI will discover like-new, low-mileage options that are far more affordable than a brand-new alternative, while much more trustworthy and reliable than any other average, ordinary used car. And with recent model year editions from brands like Chevrolet and Ford, you know you're getting an updated, feature-filled car, truck, or SUV that's ready for all your travels and adventures around Racine, Brookfield, and beyond. Visit Lake Auto Group in Milwaukee today to get going on a quick test drive in the certified pre-owned Ford or Chevy that catches your attention.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

While every brand, Ford and Chevrolet included, has their own certified pre-owned program, the basics mostly stay the same across the board. We like to think of our certified models as a compromise between buying new or used. As dictated by each brand's specific program, there are first standards for mileage and model year, so you know you're buying something updated and modern. From there, certified vehicles have to meet higher standards for quality compared to the generally high-end conditions we showcase in our regular used car lineup. The quality and condition of each and every certified pre-owned Ford or Chevy model is checked by our expert service techs here in Milwaukee, who run every potential option through rigorous, multipoint inspections.

Those assurances for model year, mileage, and overall quality and condition could be enough to compel you to shop through our certified pre-owned lineup here in Milwaukee. But there's so much more to a certified pre-owned Ford or Chevy car, truck, or SUV, especially compared to what a typical used car will provide. While each brand's benefits are unique, you'll be certain to have some sort of extended warranty coverage with your certified pre-owned vehicle, helping you avoid some costly service expenses early on during your travels around Racine and Waukesha. Your certified pre-owned purchase will also include a free vehicle history report, which gives you an idea of your next car's past maintenance and repair work, who's been driving it right before you will, and other pieces of information that will help you make a great decision.

What You'll Find in Our Certified Pre-Owned Lineup

By taking vehicles from these two popular, proudly American brands from the past half-decade or so, you know you're going to find something special. Both Chevrolet and Ford have shifted their production toward their popular trucks and SUVs over smaller cars, but you can still find some certified pre-owned hatchbacks or sedans that work well for your daily commutes around Milwaukee and beyond. This certified selection is really a great place to upgrade to a quality SUV. Both Ford and Chevy roll out a variety of small and midsized SUVs that work for your daily travels around Brookfield, New Berlin and beyond. Think about a lightly used Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, or even small, thriftier and more versatile setups. Of course it's with the larger, three-row SUVs from these brands that you'll want to choose something for the family on the go. A certified pre-owned Ford Explorer or Chevy Tahoe, Traverse, or Suburban will provide high-end space, safety, and capabilities for running errands around town in Milwaukee, or for longer road trips with your loved ones safely in place.

Explore the certified pre-owned lineup here at Lake Auto Group and find the right fit for your budget and your travels.