Chevy offers the Chevy Traverse for those interested in a wagon type vehicle. It offers three rows of seating and provides plenty of room to transport not only people, but also other types of cargo.


The Chevy Traverse gets its power from a 3.6 L V6 engine. It also features front wheel drive and an automatic 9-speed transmission. It has a horsepower of 310 and 266 pound-feet of torque.


The Chevy Traverse has standard all-season 18-inch tires. The standard spare is also an 18-inch compact tire. Also standard is the Argent 20 inch metallic aluminum wheels. The exterior features headlamps that automatically go on and off. A black grille is available, and for appealing aesthetics, there are black mirror caps, black trim on the fog lamp, black wheel lock kit and lug nuts and other black features. For an added bonus, the Dual SkyScape® power sunroof that features 2-panels is available. The LED headlamps are standard and Daytime Running Lamps that are LED is also available.


The Chevy Traverse also features the Interior Enhancement Package and the Interior Protection Package. Standard is the 120-volt power outlet to make it easier to charge all of your devices. It also has 10 cup holders throughout the vehicle. Both the front and back have 2-way adjustable restraints. Standard is the 3.5 inch Information Center for the driver. The driver's seat is power and has 8 possible adjustments. The front passenger seat is equipped with a 6-way adjustable power setting. There is enough room in the vehicle for up to 8 passengers.


Safety features include the airbag system that is throughout the vehicle. It also has an automatic emergency braking system. There are other technology features that make it an easier vehicle to drive. These include the rear camera mirror that allows you to see what is behind you much more clearly. The rear cross traffic alert will also let you see what is behind you so you can back up safely. This also is paired with the rear park assist which also makes parking easier. There are a lot of technology and other features that add to the safety of this vehicle.

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